Prof. Dr. Anoop Swaroop


Monash University, Australia

United Nations Representative , USA

Founder: Global Knowledge Alliance, Australia

Mr. NV Ramana


Aurora Business Schools 

Inesa Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd

​                                                                         Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahemadabad

Our Team

Indo-Euro Synchronization is a new concept designed and executed by Indo-European entrepreneurs, complemented by a group of reliable and experienced partners in leadership positions around the world. Our advisory team provides the strongest foundation for our organization, enabling us to tap into skills, experiences and resources held by some of the leading organizations in their industries. Together with our driven and professional team, we are confident in making Indo Euro Synchronization successful.

Common program questions


We aim to be the leading provider of knowledge transfer programs focused on engineering and management disciplines for Indo-European organizations and students. 

Dr. Bala Kumble

Managing Director 

Innova Sierra Pvt. Ltd.

Global Knowledge Alliance

Prof. Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao


International Journal Fluid Dynamics and Aerospace Engineering.

Principal Scientist GEWS Technical Foundations, India

Mr. Vineet Kumar Goyal


Steinbeis GmbH, Germany

Steinbeis Techolgy Transfer,India

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade


  • Visit European Universities and Research Labs
  • Focused on industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical, IT, Medical and Renewable Sectors 
  • Industry tours: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen,  etc.
  • International trade fairs
  • ​Much Much more! Partners

Student Gallery

Mr. Philip Westphal




Mr. Teja Gudluru

CEO/Managing Director

CommSure Knowledge Solutions  



Indo-Euro Synchronization is an initiative created by a group of experienced technical and business professionals to connect India and Europe closer together.

With our diverse and wide set of knowledge about both the Indian and European academic and business environment, our aim is to form a technological transfer bridge between all participants.
Through our activities, we strive to create a better technological future by enabling closer collaboration and knowledge exchange between universities, companies, supporting organizations and students from India and Europe.

We believe that three elements are required for a closer common development: Educational programs, research partnerships and cluster collaborations.

Our educational programs are executed in partnership with leading universities, allowing Indian students and professionals to travel to Europe. Participants gain a comprehensive insight into the local industrial situation while at the same time enhancing their professional skills and career prospects through additional education. 

Research partnerships are enabled by connecting industrial and research institutes through common events. This broadens the scope and speed of technology transfer between all parties, allowing European and Indian companies to take advantage of each other's unique abilities and features.

Cluster collaborations are encouraged on a national and supra-national level by leveraging our existing network of partners.

By combining all three elements, we believe that we can contribute to a stronger and better world.

Dr. Madhavi Ganesan

Anna University

Expert: Urban Strom Water Management

​                                                                         Heidelberg University, Germany

Dr. -Ing Daniel Hahn

CEO/Managing Director


European Center for Mechatronics



We organize exchange programs to European universities, companies and trade shows. These are short and long-term programs in various fields. 

Our Programs

Corporate scholarships are available for the best registered student.

Mr. Vangapandu V


IndoEuroSync UG

SynergyRules Aerospace


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Starke

FH Aachen University


European Center for Mechatronics


Will participants receive an invitation letter to obtain their VISA?

Yes. A program invitation letter will be provided for successful applicants.

How are lectures conducted?

Lectures are conducted at our European facilities by experienced professors and industry practitioners. Lectures are highly interactive and focused on maximum practical benefit.

Which Indian universities or institutes are eligible to send students?

We select participants based on merit as shown in their CV. Partnering universities' students will have an advantage if the merit based review seems inconclusive. If you are interested in having your university partner with us, let us know and we talk with your dean or professor.

Dr. Om Sri 


​Head of Health Care Sector

IndoEuroSync UG


Mr. Alexander Krieg


Compact Energy GmbH


Mr. Michael Schmitz


IndoEuroSync UG GmbH