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AutoSol  Jan 2019

Double Technology. Double Knowledge. Double Fun. Dual Country.

This winter, we bring to you a bucket load of experience you have never had before. With several successful AutoSol programs and the rate of success speaking for themselves, we bring to you the anniversary edition of our iconic program AutoSol. This time, it is going to be a technology transfer in ways more than one. 

The highlight aspect of the AutoSol Jan 2019

And once again, we have for you the following in our bucket list :
1) Intensive training program by top German companies, MSME, APS etc
2) Opportunity to avail credit points.
3) Multiple German certifications.
​4) Tour to Mercedes Benz and Porsche manufacturing plant/museums.
5) Tour in the economic capital of Europe -Frankfurt

6) Cultural exchange to PARIS

We are hoping to look forward to young enthusiasts and of course, we would gladly welcome students from any discipline and degree because we believe that knowledge knows no boundaries. Expansion is the key for tomorrow.

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