Indo-Euro Synchronization provides three services for our clients. These are academic education programs, research partnerships and cluster collaborations. Combined, we believe that these services help increase the speed of knowledge transfer and industrial productivity for all parties.

Academic Programs

We provide a unique educational and research experience to engineering and management students interested in exploring the European knowledge and industrial landscape, while enabling them to network on a global level. These academic collaborations happen in the form of intensive course programs, in close partnerships with leading universities and companies, enabling our participants to enhance their knowledge base and skills while strongly strengthening their career market value.

Technology Sector

Indo-Euro Synchronization enables university collaborations between Indian and European entities through technology exchange programs. We will present these opportunities under the programs section or directly via our university partners as they become available. 

Our goal with these programs is to enable participants to quickly delve into the actual industry situation and best practices, with a strong focus on Aerospace, Automotive, Automation, LifeSciences and ICT.

We already have a good number of partner universities from India and Europe to support new collaborations in various technologies and look forward to extending our network further. Both Indian and European universities interested in joining our network should contact Rajabout the modalities.

Management Sector

As with the technology sector above, our goal with this collaboration is to create a strong and stable partnership between leading Indian and European business and engineering universities, organizing compact management courses for bright Indian business or engineering students interested in improving their experience, skill set and market value.

We partner with leading European business and management schools to provide unique and impressive experiences for the participants, enabling them to more easily work across continents while using the most advanced academic theories and practical skills for their benefit.

Participants of these intensive 10 day programs will:

  • Attend courses offered in collaboration with the world's most renowned business schools
  • Learn from leading academics and practitioners, focused on providing immediately useful knowledge
  • Expand their practical skill set to prepare them for a highly successful career working at a global scale
  • Get insights into European companies and industry organizations
  • Visit trade fairs relevant to their field to experience the European business environment
  • Network with a selected and extremely motivated group of participants from some of India's best universities
  • Meet corporate representatives with extensive management experience from leading European companies
  • Receive a course certificate upon competion
  • Strongly increase their market value

We already have a good number of partner universities from India and Europe interested in building out this program and look forward to extending our network further. Both Indian and European universities interested in joining our network should contact Michael about the modalities.​​

Research Collaborations 

To upgrade the technology knowledge base from the university level, we are providing a platform where universities across the world find easy access to European research labs and institutes in various technological sectors. Research projects and projects coordination be arranged directly between universities and companies.

Cluster Collaborations

We are available to support cluster collaboration projects. A normal cluster collaboration project management project will entail the following steps:

1. ​Identification of Indian cluster members
2. Identification of European cluster members
3.  Match-making and coordination meetings between the cluster coordinators
4.  Exchange of Information
5.  Competency mapping, and if required upgradation projects
6.  Visits and match-making meetings between the cluster member industry
7.  Identification of projects (short-term)
8.  Delivery of projects (short-term)
9.  Long-term collaborations
10.  Industry and Institutional Collaborations for joint R&D
​11.  Manpower Development

For more details on various existing clusters please contact Raj

Long-term exchanges

We are also willing to support the creation of long-term supranational exchange programs and act as the central mediation and contact point. If you are interested in this area, please contact Raj.