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founder of Life Again Foundations is lucent. After ruling the roost as one of the top heroines in India, Gautami comes across as a humble person.
She is a cancer survivor and having passed through the stages of treatment, it was during the recuperative period that she began to analyze the true impact of what she had just been through. She always empowers people to live a full and healthy life; and to make available the essential building blocks for such a life: an effective education, good health, and safe food.


Specialist for Senology, Gynecology and Ontological Gynecology.

Head of the Senology/ Breast Clinic of the Breast Centre, Aachen-Heinsberg at the Marien Hospitals, Aachen


    Our main focus is to let an opportunity for developing each medical individual's knowledge on treatment aids pan world by German certification program. We develop finest and peerless education models in various health departments which will help a nation to become the healthiest one.

To take this vision forward we are conducting first of its kind for international exchange program to Germany from 8th to 15th October, 2017.

It is a platform created to experience and gain knowledge from various education models in the medical field throughout the world.
We are here with an incredible opportunity to our Indian healthcare professionals providing the chance to participate in "7th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON BREAST CANCER CENTRES" organizing in Germany, Oct 2017 which has a participation of 48 countries, experts and people from governments.

Along with participation, it also includes structured training and certification program which will allows the participant to explore best methodology available in Europe for cancer treatment; exploring opportunity to understand the disease scenarios across the world; understanding and training on cutting edge equipment with a German Certification.