Do you have the leadership qualities in you? Do you have management skills? Can you host a public forum? If you have these qualities in you, you are the one we are looking for.

IndoEuroSync Ambassador Program

The IndoEuroSync Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between IndoEuroSync and their partner institutions to coordinate Indo-German activities in the fields of education, research and technology transfer. 

Ambassadors are thrilled by new technology, enthusiastic about new exchange programs, and  remain involved in their institution communities and social groups. These Ambassadors will have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and access to the unique plethora of activities organized by Indian and German academic institutions and organizations in cluster.

Currently, we are offering the IndoEuroSync Ambassador Program to our partner institutions in India. With this program, we envision to enhance the communication between the Indian and European academics and experts.

What tasks are you expected to undertake ?

  • Coordinate Indo-German educational, academic and research activities.
  • Stay up to date with Indo-German activities.
  • Facilitate your institution with the different programs and technology transfer between India and Germany.
  • Attend our annual ambassador conference.